What is Impact #Lyf?

Impact Consultancy

Impact #Lyf is a consultancy service for impact practitioners. Our programs and services help our clients to grow sustainable revenue and measure, evaluate and learn from impactful initiatives.

Peer Learning Community

Impact #Lyf is also a community of peers sharing learning, opportunities and knowledge to support the scale of impact initiatives in Australia. 

Catalyse and Scale Impact

Founded by Irene Lemon, Impact #Lyf is an Australian consultancy catalysing impact at scale by leveraging R&D, knowledge transfer and international best practice. We can support you find the funding, grants, or business support you need to secure your revenue streams. We also offer coaching and mentoring for specific challenges. 

Our Mission

We are a consultancy dedicated to driving sustainable social and cultural transformation. 

Our programs and services guide you towards achieving your social change goals and creating a better world.

Our vision is to stand at the forefront of social change.