What we do:

Creative Social Enterprise support with experienced practitioners for artists and their community

What is a Creative Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise

A business practice where purpose and economic, cultural, environment or social impact is prioritised over profit.

Creative Business

An arts-based venture where products and services are developed from any creative discipline by trained and skilled artists.

Who we help

Have a creative idea? Want to make a real change?

Irene and her team can help you to design and build a viable, sustainable revenue engine to support your creative practice AND guide you through the steps of making a difference that benefits all members of your community

Are you an artist, creative startup founder, changemaker, community arts worker or passionate maker trying to help the community where you live, work and play?

You will find a pathway to launching your idea and growing your creative social enterprise through our programs and resources.

Are you an economic development manager in local government, or a director of state & territory economic development agencies, responsible for ensuring policy is effectively implemented for your creative community?

We can help you create resources, strategies and engagement frameworks to support your community to diversify income, strengthen local economies and help identify pathways to jobs for the future