Creative Social Enterprise mentoring with Irene Lemon

Support for creative practitioners to future proof their creative practice and learn about business models that sustain impact for their local communities

Irene Lemon offers structured mentorship to help creative entrepreneurs develop a social enterprise business model to capture value for their creative products AND sustain measurable impact

About Irene

Creative Entrepreneur
Social Innovator

Irene Lemon is an award-winning founder of a creative social enterprise, Magic Electricity Box. She is a program manager for a Social Enterprise Accelerator and Social Enterprise Development Manager for The Mill House Ventures (TMHVL & the Mill House).

The Mill House is the only Social Enterprise Intermediary in the Canberra and Southern Region of NSW.

Hybrid business models for Creatives

Irene is an experienced startup strategist, grant writing consultant and creative industries business advisor, having worked with an award winning team at Creative Plus Business, delivering the NSW Treasury Business Connect program.

Irene specialises in facilitation, education and training of practical business skills, and advisory services. She has proven success in helping creative entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Coming Soon: new book

Areas of Expertise

  • Social innovation and trade

  • Creative social enterprise and the creative industries

  • Australian regional and rural creative industries

  • Women in Business and female identifying creative entrepreneurs

  • Creative Entrepreneurship

  • Start up and pre-revenue problem solving

  • Creative Minimum Viable Product and Impact (CMVP & CMVI) ideation and monetisation

  • Building transformative regional economies

  • Program design and delivery

  • Mentoring, advisory services and business coaching

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