Terms and Conditions

Grant Me This provides an experienced grant writer to work alongside the applicant to develop and implement a grant strategy, create a grant file including a grant register, create a stewardship plan, manage a grant calendar and review draft proposals.



Your Grant Writing Consultant will work with you to ensure the services are rendered in a timely and professional way. Our typical process for completing strong applications include the following types of activities:

  • Grant Seeker skills development, including workshops, one-on-one coaching, online learning tools;
  • Induction period, where the grant writer will become familiar with the project, budget and resources for the proposal, business plans, marketing plans, receive logos, style guide and other appropriate documentation to meet selection criteria and branding requirements;
  • Desk review of your organisation’s keystone projects and innovative processes, review success stories and testimonials that support an application submission;
  • Consultation and engagement with organisational resources (interviewing staff, executive or board members where agreed and appropriate);
  • Research the funding body communications to ensure selection criteria and application process is understood and expectations are managed;
  • Attending the Funding Body information sessions - maximum 1 hour, where available (for instance webinars or workshops);
  • Develop application to final submission quality and provide support to the organisation to submit the application.

It is the responsibility of the client to submit and ensure the application has been received by the funding body by the due date deadline.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Services will only commence upon receipt of a signed agreement. Agreements are electronically transferred via EVERSIGN, a secure web based service for signing contracts.
  2. Ad hoc hourly rate subject to availability.
  3. Retainer packages are restricted to maximum allowances comprising of a mix of allocated time from the following suite:
    1. Grant, Tender and Award opportunity research: evaluating opportunities and recommending eligibility based on opportunity criteria, reviewing tender and procurement opportunities, undertaking desk review of philanthropic opportunities and providing grant calendar and submission strategies on available opportunities;
    2. Grant review: including communicating with funding bodies, liaising with auspice bodies and industry experts, downloading applications, FAQ’s Guidelines and other related grant documentation;
    3. Developing draft proposals and Expression of Interest draft submissions based on input and goals set by applicant or the nominated proxy; Draft development includes reading applications and recommending improvements or clarifications required against the relevant criteria or funding bodies supplied documentation;
    4. Writing grant applications for submission, based on substantial input from the applicant or the nominated proxy;
    5. Contributing to Strategic Planning and overall organisational development.
  4. Grant, award and tender submissions are a competitive process, and no guarantee is available to confirm successful award of a grant or investment opportunity.
  5. Additional charges apply for:
    1. Hourly rate in excess of the maximum allowance per calendar month, where the client has approved additional time and costs. The 2019 hourly rate for ad hoc services is $204 per hour;
    2. Last minute emergency or Out-Of-Hours hours charged at $295 per hour, for work needed within 24 hours of a deadline, out of hours periods are between 5pm and 7am in any given day and all Saturday and all Sunday;
    3. Postage, freight, delivery or other related transport costs related to the submission of a grant;
    4. Travel or grant related expenses, prior approval by the client, including travel, accommodation and meals, etc. while away from the main office (Armidale NSW);
    5. Compiling a portfolio or supporting documentation related to the application, the business or the project, i.e Progress Reports, Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Policy Reviews, Acquittals and Environment Scans;
  6. Grant writing and the services as outlined in these terms and conditions will only commence after a signed agreement is received. Subsequent scheduled payments are due upon receipt of a valid invoice, or the 15th of every month for the period retained.


In this clause “conflict of interest” means an actual or potential pecuniary or non pecuniary conflict of interest. The onus is on us as potential Consultant/s to identify a conflict of interests and take the appropriate action to manage the conflict in favour of our public duty.

Although we do not see the following as either pecuniary or non-pecuniary conflicts, we feel compelled to disclose potential conflicts of interests. We want to be transparent about how others might view our situation. We do not believe that a reasonable and informed person would perceive that we could be influenced by a private interest when carrying out our public duty. However, we want to be clear about our existing relationships and would be happy to provide more information.


Refer Enquiries to nominated contact:


+61 0 417 684 302

Additional contact information:

Legal Entity: Irene Lemon trading as Grant Me This

ABN: 50 201 460 209