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Irene Lemon is a performing artist with 20 years’ experience​ delighting audiences with her Australian “Every Woman” show; Sheila Knacquers - Live at The Faux Hotel. She is also a creative business advisor with over 20 years experience supporting creatives to start and grow their businesses, and an expert facilitator for training and workshops.

Irene brings entrepreneurship, social innovation and creative people together to nurture interesting ideas and help creative businesses come to life. She is an award winning Startup founder, a Country Music Comedian, research commercialisation business development manager and has experience delivering social enterprise accelerator program outcomes.

Facilitating holistic outcomes and advising creative SMEs for more than 20 years, Irene’s goal is to ensure Innovation and Entrepreneurship training and support for emerging creative entrepreneurs is inclusive, practical and empowering. She has a passion for women-led creative businesses and creative social enterprise. Her skills are transferable across numerous verticals.

Irene’s years of experience have helped a diverse range of 400+ start-up creative businesses in various artforms secure more than 40 MIL AUD. As a freelance international development consultant, Irene’s clients included UN Women, DFAT & AUSAID, Create NSW, Regional Arts NSW, Jobs for NSW and NSW Treasury, where she has supported policy implementation in the creative industries.

Fees are representative of an agreed package of work, and subject to an accepted proposal and agreement (contract), with our offer.

Invoices are payable 50% on signing and 50% on completion (7 day terms)

Rate Card

Corporate Rate for established SMEs (20+ employees) and departments/large organisations

$3200 Day Rate - no minimum

Includes IP (anything I create for your session is yours to keep), recording (you can keep a video recording of my trainings and facilitation for internal use), 1 day preparation AND 1 day wrap up with field notes and reflections.

Micro-business Rate for sole traders, small family businesses and lifestyle companies (founder owned and operated)

$1500 Day Rate - no minimum

Includes IP, templates and a follow up session one month afterwards to assess impact and progress.

NFP and Social Enterprise rate for not-for-profit community organisations and NGOs, and social enterprises

$1200 per day Day Rate with a 3 day minimum engagement (total fee $3600)

Includes facilitation of existing content, train the trainer session, Walk in Walk Out (WIWO), local travel and per diems, 1 day prep & 1 day wrap up consultations.

General terms for engagement

For a commercial contract to be legally enforceable, the principles of contract law require that an offer be made and accepted, and contain sufficient detail to make it clear what is being offered and on what terms. A well-drafted contract is an important risk management device for each of the contracting parties. Providing a written description of the services you’re engaged to perform, the results you’ll achieve, how much and on what terms you’ll be paid, the extent of your liability and when and how the contract will end, forms a legal contract to fall back on if either party does not hold up their end of the deal.

We will prepare and submit an offer based on a client brief under the STANDARD TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT FOR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS AND CONSULTANTS

No work shall be carried out prior to receipt of a signed agreement.