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Discover your Revenue Engine

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Why do you need a revenue engine? What is a revenue engine anyway? Before you start the process of starting your own business, it's great to plan. But before you plan, you need to have a business model - that is, a fairly good idea of how you will capture value and earn income - and a revenue model is a great place to start! After all, it's really hard to plan if you don't really understand what you're working with, or having any reasonable data to make good planning decisions!

Perhaps you have already launched your business and it's not doing what you expected? It's not making you enough money so you can comfortably grow, or pay yourself? Or you are working CRAZY hours and need to hire someone, but how will they help you, and how much can you afford?

Understanding how you make money, what value you are creating for your clients, and how all the "moving parts" of running your own business come together comes down to designing a business model that makes sense to you.

It might take you a number of goes to find a model that works, and then the real fun begins! Making that model earn money! A revenue engine is the model that has found some traction and you understand exactly how it makes money and why. You consistently get the results you want, and you can make the impact you care about.

Once you have harnessed the power of your revenue engine then it makes sense to plan and invest. Before then, I believe you are wasting your money throwing half-cooked spag-bol at the wall, and taking a half-cooked approach to see what sticks unless you spend time and get support to DISCOVER YOUR REVENUE ENGINE.

Join a small group workshop, or book a coaching session to discover yours today.

4 hour practical workshop - $1500

A fast-paced discovery journey in a small group (10 people) to understand revenue engines, unpack the elements necessary to design yours, and expert facilitation to develop a revenue model for market testing. Includes workbook and follow up debrief.

$250 per hour

One-on-One coaching to attack specific challenges and unpack your model. Delivered online, the coaching program is tailored for your goals and needs. An expression of interest is required, and time is subject to availability.

About the Self-Paced program

a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a process, not just a product!

It is an experiment to help you test your idea and unpack the assumptions you have made about HOW your revenue model can be scaled

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We prefer to call the MVP the "THING" and the process of testing the thing needs to help you answer a BUNCH of questions:

Can the THING:

  • be easily made by you, or do you need a team... or do you need a specialist (like a coder, or a lawyer)?

  • be easily delivered, or do you need to send it by courier or build a paywall?

  • be profitable? can you charge enough to cover costs and then some more to have a profit margin? is this affordable for your target market?

  • be made with a zero environmental footprint?

  • create good in the world by helping people overcome disadvantage?

  • help a charity achieve their mission?

  • help the government achieve their policy agenda?

  • help you advocate for change?

  • help you build a business?

  • help you live by your values?

  • help you achieve your mission?

  • solve a real problem in your community?

  • solve a real problem for a real customer?

  • solve a real WICKED PROBLEM for society?

The process of answering these types of questions is just that: a process.

Think of your MVP as a scientific experiment. You will have a hypothesis - or a really good guess - about how the thing you are making/doing/creating is intended to make an impact or money. You will then have a BUNCH of assumptions.

Your experiment is designed so you can track how the results are going to be proven or you can see clearly what you will change if the experiment fails. There is a Lean Innovation cycle that helps you design and execute these types of experiments. In the self-paced course, you will learn the most common plus why the Lean Innovation methodology works for business, plus some tips to help you go to the next level: Minimum Viable Impact - the MVI - which helps you experiment for scaling IMPACT to tackle wicked problems.

Coming JULY 2021

6 modules of self-paced learning to design your bootstrapped MVP to test assumptions about your revenue model for $80