Matriarchal Business Leadership

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What's at the intersection of matriarchal leadership and anti-fragile systems?

Help us find out!

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Irene is very interested in exploring the intersection of matriarchal business leadership and anti-fragile systems. Can you help?

Are you a researcher, creative maker or artist, or a person with Lived Experience of gender inequality, economic barriers or have experienced disadvantage in education? As a creative, Irene is keen to explore creative ideas and performative discovery to find wisdom, insight and hope for women and girls as our economies, communities and families transform. Roles can be paid or volunteer.

Please email if you are keen to come on board as a collaborative researcher, creative or citizen scientist

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untethered/ (ʌnˈtɛðəd) /


not tied or limited with or as if with a tether

Unlocking the power of matriarchal leadership in startup ventures

I am writing about matriarchal business hierarchy and the power of female led creative social enterprise to transform regional local economies.

I'm drawing together 20 years of business advisory experience, regionalism, creative practice and case study interviews to re-frame common instruments of business development and startup methodology so they're more female friendly and support creative outcomes