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Wonder how you can encourage better quality grant submissions, save time and reduce frustrations for your competitive grant round? A specialist grant workshop can help educate applicants while maintaining transparency, probity and good governance for your organisation.

Grant Strategies for SMEs - WORKSHOP $3360 AUD

The popular “grants 101” presentation Grant Strategies for SMEs runs for 3 hours and includes Q+A time and handouts. It is the perfect starting point for grant seekers, and an ideal course for grant makers to consider for educating applicants. Numbers are only restricted to venue size. Content can be tailored to meet your grant guidelines and organisation's goals.

Prices for the workshops start at $3360 (inc. gst) which includes travel and accommodation within Australia. Master versions of handouts and exercises are included in all the above prices, but not copying or copyright.

Irene Lemon - Workshop Facilitator

Irene has facilitated industry development programs with keystone funding partners to increase the quality of funding applications received. She has provided white label resources and industry consultation services to build bespoke learning programs that save grant makers time and frustrations inherent in dealing with sub-optimal applications.

Irene specialises in open, competitive grants across all tiers of government, impact and social change grants and fellowships, and sustainable grant strategies to enhance small business success. Irene has worked with individual clients to apply for funding from Jobs For NSW, AMP Tomorrow Fund, Westpac Social Change Fellowship, UN Women, the European Union, DFAT/AusAID, Create NSW, Regional Arts NSW, NSW Dept. of Industry and philanthropic foundations, among others.

Irene’s years of experience as a grant writer and small business revenue strategist has helped a diverse range of 400+ businesses in various sectors across international, national, rural, remote and regional NSW benefit from successful funding applications to the value of more than $40MIL AUD.

What grant support do I need, and how does it work?


20 minute consult with principal grant writer, Irene Lemon to discuss your organisations needs, and present our fees, terms and conditions

This session is to help you figure out what issues your applicants or industry needs to write better submissions

Irene will discuss common knowledge gaps in the SME sector, and present learning modules to help you design a program to enhance the quality of proposals

$3360 Workshop

Each grant opportunity and client will be different, which is why Irene offers a tailored Grant Maker Package from the modules outlined in our Comms Kit. We will help you create the best kind of training package for your organisation or client base.

Depending on your time and budget constraints, Irene can help you work out which competencies, resources and learning programs will best support your needs. Irene offers a White Label service to provide Templates, Checklists and Grant Basics “info sheets” to help you manage applicant expectations

Program Review

The Grant Me This team will evaluate workshop participants satisfaction with the training provided, and work with our funding bodies from identified grant rounds to iterate learning packages and develop a sustainable grants ecology

Need something not covered here?

Just ask and our team will be happy to design and deliver the right stuff to meet your needs.

How to Pay

Irene Lemon, trading as Grant Me This, will invoice you for services rendered. We have credit card, direct deposit or Paypal and OSKO available with compatible banks, check your financial institutions for details.

During your free consultation, we will quote you a service if applicable, please let your consultant know if you will be issuing a Purchase Order or require a suppliers registration. Quotes are valid for 7 days from issue.