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Book your FREE 20 minute consultation to talk about Tenders, Grants, Awards and funding opportunities with Grant Me This founder and principal grant writer, Irene Lemon to assess how we can help

Irene will be asking you:

  • Are you Grant Ready?
  • Previous grants, tenders, awards and outstanding acquittals?
  • Why now?
  • Existing networks and procurement relationships?
  • Mentor, advisor, accountant?
  • How much, what project and pre-planning?
  • Research: who does you want to partner with? What funding bodies are you aware of?
  • Can you handle the truth? (a simple administration systems audit)
  • STAR? What's unique and great about you?
  • LinkedIn?

At the end of our conversation, you'll receive a follow up email and a no obligation quote for any actions and services offered